The main aim of the Swiss Neonatal Network & Follow-Up Group (SwissNeoNet) is to maintain and / or improve the quality and safety of medical care for high-risk newborn infants and their families in Switzerland through a coordinated program of research, education and collaborative audit. In support of its aim, SwissNeoNet hosts the official medical quality register for the Swiss level III and level IIB units. Participation for these units is mandatory according to the intercantonal declaration for Highly Specialized Medicine (HSM) of September 22, 2011 and the Society’s Standards for Levels of Neonatal Care in Switzerland. Inaugurated in 1995, SwissNeoNet now routinely collects data from neuro-/developmental pediatric units encompassing information about the care and outcomes of high-risk newborn infants. Data collection is monitored for population coverage, dataset completeness, plausibility and reliability. Data quality is audited within a three year cycle.

Outcome of very PreTerm infants after major brain lesion (OPTION Study)
In the OPTION study, the neurological outcome of preterm infants with severe intracerebral lesions (higher grade intraventricular hemorrhage, periventricular leukomalacia) ware examined in detail and predictors for neurological outcome by neonatal ultrasound are assessed. This is a nationwide retrospective data analysis of all children with a gestational age under 32 weeks of gestation. The OPTION study is led by PD Dr. Giancarlo Natalluci (University Women's Hospital Zurich) - from the side of the Department of Neuropediatrics, Development and Rehabilitation Sebastian Grunt is involved as co-investigator.

Underestimated intracranial hemorrhage on ultrasound in preterm and term neonates: would actual grading affect management and outcome?
In this collaborative project with the Pediatric Radiology Department of the Children's Hospital (Dr. Nedelina Slavova), neonatal ultrasound examinations of preterm infants with intracranial hemorrhages will be compared with magnetic resonance imaging and the predictive value of the two imaging modalities for neurological late effects will be assessed. Sebastian Grunt is involved as co-investigator. This study is supported by the Batzebär Foundation. 

Schlaf bei Frühgeborenen
This study investigates the quality of sleep in former preterm preschoolers, and the influence of sleep quality on cognitive and emotional development in these children.