Prof. em. Maja Steinlin

Abteilungsleiterin, Extraordinaria für Neuropädiatrie

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Freiburgstrasse 15
3010 Bern


Maja Steinlin studied Medicine in Switzerland and Toronto and is in the position of head of the Division of Neuropaediatrics, Development and Rehabilitation at the Children’s University Hospital in Bern since 1998. In 2001 she received her habilition (PD) in Paediatric Neurology. Since 2014 she is a Professor for Paediatric Neurology (Extraordinaria). Her research focuses on cerebellar problems and on cerebrovascular disorders in children. She is the initiator and PI of the Swiss Neuropaediatric Stroke Registry. Many of her studies on manifestation, outcome, neuroimaging and reorganization of the brain after pediatric stroke emerge from this registry.

Maja Steinlins publications can be found here.

Maja Steinlin is the founder of the Swiss Neuropediatric Stroke Registry.


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Extraordinaria für Neuropädiatrie